PROmotor started working with Land Rover in the late 80s. After organising the highly successful Land Rover Driving Experience throughout Spain, we promoted the Land Rover Experience centre from our country estate, Les Comes, and since the end of the 90s, we have been involved in the organising of press presentations at an international level, working directly for Land Rover Global.

  • During the past 6 years; Argentina, Oman, Turkey, Morocco, Catalonia, Scandinavia and Canada have been some of our destinations.
  • Land Rover promoted this new and tailor made adventure for its VIP clients, incentives for workers, press and dealerships.
  • To start off with, PROmotor organised the technical issues that had to do with a product’s launch, key aspects related with clients, and incentive trips.
  • Finding venues, routes, hotel reservations, design and construction of 4×4 circuits, hiring catering services hostesses.
  • Certification of professional 4×4 training and demonstration instructors.
  • Exclusivity. Making it a unique and unforgettable experience is one of the key aspects of these events.
  • The main objective these events have is to provide the client with an experience using their own means of transport.
  • To achieve the insertion of clients into the country’s native way of life.
  • Organising and setting up a luxury camp in the most unimaginable location, including all services; Glamping .
  • Coordinating security operations with the country’s police, local fire department and medical services.
  • Locating spaces and obtaining all the necessary permissions and certificates from the local government and private institutions.
  • Obtaining the relevant permissions to drive and park vehicles.
Client:Land Rover