In 2012 we began to work with the car maker Jaguar. The launch of their new four wheel drive model range was a great challenge for us.
The Canadian winter was the chosen spot and since then we have been involved in all of their world wide unveilings of the F-Type and Coupé models.

  • Prospecting and finding a venue for the presentations.
  • Establishing a location, routes, hotel reservations, hiring of catering services and hostesses.
  • Certification of professional instructors to train and to demonstrate the vehicles’ possibilities.
  • Exclusivity, making it into a unique and unforgettable experience, are key elements in these events.
  • The main objective of these events is to turn them into a wonderful experience for the clients using their own means of transport.
  • Coordinating security operations with the local police authorities, fire department and health services.
  • Locating spaces and obtaining all the necessary permissions and certificates from the local government and private institutions.
  • Geolocation of vehicles during the event.
  • Design, production and set up of the different sets: presentation rooms, hospitality, customisation of boxes on the circuit.
  • Decoration of the various settings: Hotels, restaurants, airport, etc.
  • Planning and set up of the various audio, video and lighting set ups.